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ShelterTech Accelerator is aimed at identifying and supporting entrepreneurs with solutions that can significantly disrupt or catalyse the gaps in the affordable housing sector.

Habitat for Humanity's Terwilliger Center for Innovation in Shelter

The Terwilliger Center for Innovation in Shelter was launched in 2016 with the aim to help housing markets better meet the needs of the low-income households. It achieves this by working to mobilize investment capital to the housing sector, facilitate and advise housing market actors and companies, and share knowledge around affordable housing. As a market facilitator, the Terwilliger Center for Innovation in Shelter aims to catalyze both the demand and supply sides of affordable housing markets to achieve a vibrant housing ecosystem around the world. The Center's ultimate goal is to significantly reduce the housing deficit, thereby, reducing poverty and increasing the quality of life for low-income households. The Terwilliger Center currently works on projects in eight developing countries, has run a similar ShelterTech Accelerator in Mexico and is running one in India in 2018.

Pangea Accelerator

Pangea is a Norwegian based accelerator program and an investment platform that matches African startups with investors. The accelerator creates an enabling environment, where African entrepreneurs can develop competence, access relevant network and capital in order to reach their full potential.

Pangea Accelerator realized that the needs of African startups go beyond funding and as a result developed an investment program and a competence development platform that connects talented and impact driven start-ups with international angel investors and African diaspora investors. Thus, distinguishing Pangea Accelerator from other innovations hubs in the country.

Benefits for Selected Startups

We realize that you are on a mission to address one of Kenya’s Big Four Agenda: affordable housing and you need support on this journey. We are keen to partner with you and give you that extra edge that can take your scaleup and startup to the next level. The ShelterTech Accelerator offers you unparalleled support including:
Pangea Accelerator Investment Platform and Network

Become a part of Pangea Accelerator’s network with access to their investor platform and interact with other founders like you who are building awesome companies that are solving Africa’s challenges.

Customized problem solving

As a founder, you are in the business of serial problem solving. Business issues like customer segmentation, pricing, go-to-market, customer service, partnerships; or Product problems like MVP validation, value proposition, user experience, product lifecycle management, technology; or Organizational problems like team structure, organizational processes, recruiting - might create several bottlenecks in your journey. We will help you unpack your challenges, identify the root cause and take the right decisions through highly customized one on one problem solving clinics. One problem at a time.

Startup Coach

Building solutions is not enough. You need to get connected to the right domain experts or service providers to get you problem solved. Our startup coaches will ensure that you are able to follow through and offer you a helping hand wherever required. We have training sessions every Tuesday and Mentor sessions on Wednesday.

Financial Support

Businesses selected for the accelerator will have access to seed funds through the program. Depending on the progress made during the accelerator, a maximum of 4 to 6 startups will receive financial support in terms of equity investments, grants, or both.

In addition, the start-ups will have the opportunity to present to our corporate & Venture Capital partners including investors from Pangea Accelerator’s network during our Investor Demo Day in 24th May 2019. Start-ups that achieve a higher scale of business will have the opportunity to pitch to the Terwilliger Center for Innovation in Shelter's global venture fund for larger investments.

Global Exposure

ShelterTech Accelerator is a global program with cohorts in Mexico and India. Plug into ShelterTech's network and expand your understanding of the affordable housing challenge. This kind of exposure will not only help you build new mental models, but will also help you startup in exploring if your solution can be expanded to international markets.

Program Format

ShelterTech Accelerator, the first of its kind in Africa, is a six-month long milestone-based program, during which thirty start-ups and scale-ups will receive acceleration and business support. The start-ups and scale-ups were selected to join the program, which kicked-off in December 2018. The program ends with a demo day in 24th May 2019, when startups from will pitch their ideas. Details about the various steps in each phase are as below

Call for applications

The call for applications were sent out from 15th August 2018 to October 21st 2018.

Shortlisting and Selection

After close of the call for applications, we received 98 applications and selected 24 startups and scale-ups who had also been invited to Pangea Accelerator for a selection pitch. The startups and scale ups pitched to the panel of domain experts, and mentors who evaluated their business ideas. Additionally, we also conducted two hacakthon sessions that saw us bring a further 6 startups into the program.

Acceleration Phase

During the acceleration phase, startups and scaleups will be supported through a series of training sessions with topic specific experts which will focus on solving critical problems for the founding team. Mentor coaches will also offer customized problem solving and hand holding support to the founders in helping them validate their businesses and ideas. Additionally, the scale-ups and startup have access to co-work spaces and events and conferences.


During the accelerator, partners may choose to offer seed funds to selected early stage businesses and scale-ups. These funds can be offered as equity free grants, investments or both.

Demo Day

Startups from the Accelerator will pitch to investors and donors for funds and investments during a common Demo Day scheduled for 24th May 2019.

Who should apply

We are looking for market based and scalable solutions that solve some of the critical challenges in the housing sector. The startups and scaleups therefore, have a for-profit and scalable business model. We are quite keen to look at startups that are building innovative and scalable solutions that:

  • Exclusively target the stakeholders of the housing ecosystem. This means tailored solutions (B2B, B2C or B2B2C) for the housing segment.


  • These startups may be serving adjacent markets, but have the ability (and economic viability) to build use cases for the affordable housing market.

Generally, all startups that we select would be required to have

  • For profit business models, AND
  • Full-time committed founding team

Finally, while we would like to see startups with some pilots, early customer traction or even sales; we realize that this is a tough market to crack open. We thus base their progress from their Needs Assessment form to determine the formula in tracking their milestones.

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